Drake Kisses Nicki Minaj + Rihanna grabs Nicki Minaj Ass!!!(Video & Pics)

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*Side Note: This Ass Looks Faker Than A $3 Bill*


  1. Maleekajohnson says:

    this shit is nasty no one wants 2 c her wriklely azz on the computer and her butpad almost sliped out and riahanna did not grab her azz


  2. Hater son she did grab her ass and 100% real ass play boy

  3. #1Nicki Minaj Fan says:

    Like i am so happy drake finally kissed Nicki..like he always had a  CRUSH AN THE WILL MAKE A CUTE COUPLE
    -#1Nicki Minaj Fan

  4. dat ass look crazyy but i still like her

  5. i think they will be a very cute couple and this year they caught them making out at a party on april…. ut when she kissed lil wayne yuck! i think it was a dair kiss like theyput u on a kiss cam and make u kiss

  6. #nicki fan says:

    I think ..i love the fact tht she kissed drake n h8 the fact she kissed lil wayn n i lv wat shes done to ha body..the ass n the boobs

  7. Shawtiibadd says:

    That ass and that nose fake … Just fake up and down !!

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