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main-img (The Brooklyn Reader) – Chen Lo and Asante Amin are Bed-Stuy-based musicians, part of a production company called Soul Science Lab that creates futuristic music that speaks to contemporary themes rooted in an African past.

In other words and to put it more simply, they’re musicians on a mission.

“We look at Africa in terms of its influence musically,” says Amin. “We’re ‘African Futurists,’ because Africa is the future. We’re into that whole notion, and so we like to depict that musically as much as we can.”


gimmedat-bk-1-1That’s how they create— an integration of African style with hip hop and western style, because, as Amin explains, it is an honest reflection of who they are.

“A lot of black children aren’t aware of the origins of the music they hear today, because the history has been diluted, lost, not passed down,” says Chen Lo. “You see the same thing happening in hip hop music. But it’s important to always look back to the source, the origin.”

Acknowledging the enormous impact music has on a culture’s direction, the duo says they want to entirely change the way the upcoming generations view music, how they source music and the conversations that take place within music.

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