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(Spin) – Boosie BadAzz has survived law enforcement, judicial, and prison systems designed to destroy him. (More recently, he’s survived kidney cancer; a December surgery was successful in removing the disease from his body.) But that’s not why he’s a cult hero. Boosie is a hero because he’s the only writer alive who can look unflinchingly at his native Baton Rouge, Louisiana and report back with not only the grisly details, but also a sense of joy and hopefulness.

Since New Year’s, he’s dropped a pair of albums: In My Feelings (Goin’ Thru It), which is a brief, somber meditation on his health problems and on the stresses of supporting dozens of friends and family members; and Out My Feelings (In My Past), which dropped in February to a curiously muted rap world. The latter tape is not the bright and exalted counterpoint you might expect — it’s still grim, but Boosie turns his focus outward. The Slim Thug-assisted “Wanna B Heard” aims to be a voice for the voiceless, as Boosie so often is.

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