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charm(OkayPlayer) – New Orleans-based do-it-all Charm Taylor graces the Okay-realm with an early look at her debut solo EP The Road Within; a whispery and soulful 6-track project that flaunts a sprawling vocal range and a compelling afro-futuristic narrative, entirely produced by Saint Rock. From atmospheric, trap-laced numbers like the lead-off “Clothes” to more boom-bap touched heaters like “Ascension” and the album’s super-swung, funky-as-all-hell title track closing things out; there’s something for every creed of music lover here. And the influences may be broad, but Taylor’s effortless transition from airy croon to full-blown spitter marks a level of dynamism comparable to Lauryn Hill or more recent soul music futurists like THEESatisfaction.

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