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(RmaebackeadingEagle) – I told you in January that 2016 is my year of change.

I’ve done two things to stay encouraged and stop worrying about my financial security. I picked a theme song (the Disney anthem “Let It Go”) and a motivational maxim (“Sweet ’16”).

I asked you to share your own financial theme songs, and I’ve been inspired by the stories behind your selections.
But folks, if you’re burdened by student-loan debt, I’ve got a song for you. It’s catchy, comical and potentially life-changing.
The ditty is by New Orleans native David Augustine Jr., known by his stage name Dee-1, and it should be the anthem for the millions collectively carrying $1.3 trillion in student loans on their backs. The song is called “Sallie Mae Back.” You can find the official video on YouTube or at Sallie Mae is, of course, the giant student-loan lender.
“Needed tuition, needed room and board
Had to pay for books, so I took out loans to feed the boy”
But guess what Dee-1 did?
He eventually paid off his debt, and he can’t stop belting out four times over in the hook:

“I finished paying Sallie Mae back, Mae back!
I finished paying Sallie Mae back, Mae back!
I finished paying Sallie Mae back, Mae back!
I finished paying Sallie Mae back, Mae back!”

Turns out, after securing a record deal, the 27-year-old immediately took some of his advance and paid off all his student loans.
I talked to Dee-1, who taught middle-school math before becoming a full-time performer, and Colin Pierce, the director of the song’s music video. These two artists stand, in different ways, as a powerhouse of wisdom and encouragement for all the people who are stuck in this burdensome situation.

Read the full story here.

Check out the video below:

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