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Hannah Beachler Self-Described Film Industry “Unicorn”

Source: @adg800

(By LBJ & Victoria Christina for WGNO) Production Designer Hannah Beachler is a woman whose hustle and grit has taken her to historic heights.

Beachler describes herself as “a unicorn in the industry.”

“I’m a dark-skinned black woman. That does not exist as a production designer anywhere in the world, at this level,” said Beachler.

But her success goes so much further than that. Not only did Beachler win an Oscar for Best Production Design, she was the first African-American to be nominated in the category, as well as the first to win.

Beachler’s journey to where she is now was not handed to her. She started at the bottom of the film business after moving to New Orleans. Beachler says she did whatever job came along and no task was beneath her.

“Someone said I need you to clean the bathroom. I built shelves in there. I went out spent my own money and bought brooms and things and they walked in and said, ‘I just asked you to clean the bathroom,’ but I got another, I got another job,” she said.

It was that hustle and perseverance at every turn that continued to elevate Beachler from painting and building to declaring herself a production designer. Read more here.

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