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“In The Wicked We Trust” by UrbanOrleans Contributor Precious Gibson

(Source: The Indie Book Store & Barnes and Noble) Author Precious Gibson discovered her love for literature while in elementary school. Throughout her middle and high school years, Precious penned hundreds of short stories in her free time, preferring to tell the stories of characters who had a similar upbringing as herself and those around her.

At age 26, Precious began working for several music and entertainment blogs, including Baller Alert, Hip-Hop Weekly, and Sheen Magazine. After several years of blogging and building an online community through her articles and the launch of her popular Cake Dish Podcast, she decided that it was time for the world to experience her more personal work, her highly anticipated debut novel, “In The Wicked We Trust.”

Best friends Tiara and Kenya embark on very different college experiences while attending Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta, Georgia. As Tiara prepares to graduate and transition into a new chapter that includes a career in marketing, Kenya is only focused on the all-mighty dollar. Their friendship is put to the test when street-savvy Kenya finds herself consumed with making fast money and obtaining all of the materialistic fineries that her heart desires. When her luxurious dreams overshadow her friendship with Tiara and her college ambitions, the feisty young woman begins on a dangerous journey to eliminate anyone standing in the way of the lifestyle she so desperately craves, including those who love her the most.

Painful secrets will drive Tiara and Kenya apart, but a shocking crime will reunite their toxic and manipulation-filled sisterhood.

“In The Wicked We Trust” takes readers on an exciting and jaw-dropping journey into the complex relationships of characters who prioritize greed and self-preservation over loyalty, love, friendship, and self-worth.

“In The Wicked We Trust” is available on Barnes and Noble, Google Books and Amazon. Follow the author, Precious Gibson on Instagram at @thefineauthor

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