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Lloyd on his ‘Redesign’, Career Path & Healthier Lifestyle

lloyd_at_ualbany_parkfest_2012(VIBE) – Nestled in Downtown L.A.’s art district on a cloudy Tuesday afternoon, the 30-year-old singer is seated at a table inside Cafe Gratitude. While a vegan restaurant might be the last place you’d expect to see an R&B artist, Lloyd is on different wave these days. The New Orleans-born-Atlanta-bred crooner hasn’t eaten meat in five years, along with cutting sugars and processed foods out of his diet. Food restrictions are a portion of Lloyd’s overall transformation, that includes being “less reckless” in regards to women. In fact, he credits his 4-year-old and 1-year-old nieces with changing the way that he treats the opposite sex.

“I love my nieces, let that be the first thing I state on the record,” he tells VIBE over lunch. “My nieces made me reevaluate how everything represents them. Unfortunately, it takes some kind of a catalyst–even though we all have mamas and sisters and strong women to draw from–but my nieces made me care about what it means to love a woman.”

Over the last several years, Lloyd has been on a self development journey, which involved taking a break from music. “I didn’t have to put out albums for a check,” he says. “[But] I had to do that when Katrina happened. I had to put out Street Love because I didn’t have a choice, my family was [displaced].”

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