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Louisiana Is Looking To Expand State’s Medical Marijuana Program

Photo by Drew Taylor on Unsplash

Blogged by @thefineauthor

Several newly filed bills are looking to expand Louisiana’s medical marijuana program. This is good news for those who can benefit significantly from the natural herb, which has been slow to get proper approvals in the state.

At the moment, Louisiana has one of the highest medical marijuana costs in the U.S., which has dramatically impacted those who can benefit the most from it. The new bills include a slew of measures such as increasing the number of licenses for pharmacies and growers and giving nurse practitioners the ability to recommend medical marijuana to patients. Increasing the number of growers allowed to participate in the state’s medical marijuana market could also increase the market.

“It definitely causes some issues with supply. It also causes some issue with contingency,” said Jeff Schmidtke, Executive Director of BioSciences Louisiana. He also posed several vital questions, including what is the backup in the event that the approved supplier’s harvest fails.

Many people are living with ailments that can be alleviated with the use of medical marijuana. However, the lack of accessibility is leading people to buy their weed on the street. One former Army Ranger, Joshua Moffett, says after five tours overseas, his anxiety overwhelmed him. After being diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, and arthritis, legal weed has helped improve his ailments. However, when Moffett speaks to veterans about the benefits of medical weed, they are often deterred by its cost.

 The latest Louisiana efforts come as federal marijuana legalization hit yet another roadblock. Despite the fact that much of Biden’s campaign rested on making weed legal for anyone in the country, there is still very little progress. In fact, a recent poll by YouGov stated that over half of Americans believe the Biden administration has made little progress on passing the measure.

While the rest of the United States may be waiting on widespread measures, Louisiana is hoping that its state will at least get proper prices on the treatment. Until then, it remains a waiting game. 

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