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Managing the Southern Soul Sound No Small Feat

(The New Iberian) – Clifton Williams calls New Iberia home now, but the Port Arthur, Texas, native rarely gets to stay there.

The former radio ad salesman spent much of his early life in Texas, running between Port Arthur and Houston. Although he finished college in broadcasting, he made most of his money in his minor — sales.

“I went to Houston, selling cars,” Williams said. “Even though I went to college for it, I never practiced broadcasting for too long. I finished 1973 and didn’t really work in it until 2008, when I started working in Lafayette.”

He wouldn’t be working in broadcasting for long. Less than a year later, he started working with a young artist named Tucka, who up until then had been singing with Keith Frank and the Soileau Zydeco band. The singer was branching out into a solo career, and Williams happened to be in the right place at the right time.

“I met Tucka,” Williams said. “What happened was this guy called and wanted to do a show, and I told Tucka I’d go with him to meet this guy. After we signed the contract, Tucka asked me if wanted to manage him. From there, it just blew up.”

Now, six albums and countless tours later, Tucka is poised to break out of the regional box and Williams is running his own management company representing more than a dozen artists across the region.

“We did a show in New Orleans with Captain Charles, one of the biggest DJs down there,” Williams said. “He had heard Tucka’s single, ‘Work It Out,’ and got him to play with several other artists. He turned to me and said, ‘This man going somewhere.’ ”

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