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151019_Master_P-300x284 ( – Master P came under fire last week after he criticized Kobe Bryant and Khloe Kardashian for rushing to Lamar Odom’s bedside after the former NBA player was found unconscious in a Nevada brothel. In an exclusive conversation with HipHopDX, the No Limit Records founder explained why he called Bryant and Kardashian “phony.” He also says he has no plans to retract his comments.

“I ruffled a couple of feathers this week because I told my opinion about the Kardashians and [Kobe Bryant],” Percy Miller says to HipHopDX exclusively. “I ain’t gonna change it. The truth hurts. I feel like a lot of people wanted to say what I said. I feel I said what I could say because I know those people. I know Lamar. I knew everything that was going on with him. I tell people this all the time, ‘A house without foundation or support will collapse.’ Don’t give me that foundation and support at the end. You gotta give that to me all the way through. That ain’t me being hypocritical because, yeah my brother [C-Murder] is in prison. But he in prison because of his actions. I been supporting him all the way through. I’m not gonna run to somebody when they’re down or whatever they’re going through and I’m not gonna change what I say. Also, When you lose sight of what matters, you’re not alive. So some of those things matter to me. It can be a different opinion for somebody else. Y’all made up opinions about me all the time. Go look at your site. I ain’t trip. I just took my licks and it is what it is.

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