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nbaplayers(WDSU) – A group of youth from across the Crescent City is getting a hands on tour learning about the Civil Rights Movement on Wednesday as part of the sixth annual Civil Rights History Tour.

The group of 200 youth and their adult family members met up at city hall early Wednesday morning to load up buses and head on a trip to Alabama — one that will take them on a hands on journey through history

“I’m excited because I get to learn about my history and exactly where I come from,” said Trinity Manning.

“To be in the exact spot where this took place it’s…indescribable. You can’t describe it,” said Manning’s aunt, Michelle Anderson.

The tour is sponsored by the National Basketball Retired Players Association.

“It’s just a wonderful day. I think that it’s important for New Orleans youth to be able to get to another city, see another culture, see the history and live it. It’ll be a lot of fun for them,” said Arnie Fielkow, President & CEO of the National Basketball Retired Players Association.

During this one day trip, the group and retired NBA player and New Orleans native Eldridge Recasner will visit the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, the 16th Street Baptist Church — that was the site of a deadly bombing in the 1960s — and the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma.

Several historians and Keith Plessy, a descendent of Homer Plessy of the landmark Plessy V. Ferguson case, are also a part of the group’s tour.

See the full store here.

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