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Nicholas Payton’s Guide to Surviving Quarantine


(By Christopher Leach for BRProud) As many of us find creative ways to utilize all of the free time we now have, one musicians decided to take the opportunity to record an album and if necessity is the mother of invention, surely with all of the world’s needs caused by the coronavirus, invention and creativity should be ripe for the picking.

The Grammy-award-winning Nicholas Payton is no stranger to pushing the envelope. He is known just as much for his virtuoso playing and also for his unique stance on music. For him, there is no such thing as jazz, blues, soul, hip-hop and gospel. Instead, all of these genres should be reclassified in your individual playlists and record store cards as “B.A.M.”–Black American Music. He always welcomes a lively debate when the word jazz is used.

In these curious days of the coronavirus, Nick just like the many other brilliant musicians in New Orleans, find themselves in need of help. The bars are closed and the gigs are cancelled as Crescent City grapples with the idea of social distancing.

It’s at this time, that Nick sees the opportunity to use music to heal, saying, “As artists I think we have a lot of responsibility to take this current social and economic situation and make art from it in the same way that Marvin Gaye did with What’s Going On. So I’m working on a new album, “Quarantined with Nick.” It’s a spoof off another album called Relaxing with Nick. This record provided me an opportunity to do a project with some of my friends and New Orleanians, Cliff Hines and Sasha Masakowski.”

Every high school physics student knows that sound waves travel and therefore they must be able to travel beyond the social distance, even when the reality of the world seems more like science fiction than truth. These stellar and futuristic vibes come through shining in the music of this album.

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