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Op-Ed: “I Call Bulls*%t!!” Rhetoric, Racism, and the Reality of Living Black and Woman in America

044920658-first-lady-michelle-obama-reco(Patheos) – I’m s’posed to be sleep cuz my head is doing its migraine thing and laryngitis is in full effect, but I had to take this phone call tonight…we still doin the same ol’ BULLSHIT! (you gotta problem with the preacha cussin, don’t read on…). So, I talked to someone about a little girl who is suffering from depression because she’s being bullied at school AND by her family about her weight and dark skin. Really y’all??!! The kid isn’t even the size I was at her age (I’m a BBW Queen honey), but that’s neither here nor there…this is INSANE!! We STILL teaching our kids to hate themselves? We still teaching our kids that beauty is determined by some cray-cray standard even the dominant society that created it can’t even achieve??!! REALLY!! When will we get ENOUGH of teaching our kids to kill themselves through a slow death of low self worth and high psychological self flagellation??? I know, I’m not using standardized English in my diatribe. It might be bad grammar, but it sho is good sense!

Internalized racism is a beast! It’s insidious in nature, but breeds the rhetoric of invidious comparisons that render one continuously seduced by the distraction of psychological slavery’s hold on the mind and rape of the soul. Let me unpack this thick description. Racism says that a person is inherently inferior due to that person’s membership in a particular group (told y’all it’s insidious in nature). That group’s skin color or cultural identity places them in that group. That person’s birth inextricably binds them to this status. Even Wikipedia (by way of a couple of brilliant scholars) excavates the simplicity of this colonizing tool by stating:

Internalized racism is loosely defined as the internalization by people of racist attitudes towards members of their own ethnic group, including themselves. This can include the belief in ethnic stereotypes relating to their own group. In her study, The Psychology of Racism, Robin Nicole Johnson writes that this definition does ‘not provide a sense of the complexities or dynamics of racism’, and proposes the definition be ‘an individual’s conscious and unconscious acceptance of a racial hierarchy in which whites are consistently ranked above People of Color‘. This definition is notable in that it does not take a ‘colorblind’ approach to racism, and articulates an uneven power dynamic between white and non-white (people of color) people.

She’s not done! Read more here.

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