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(OkayPlayer) New Orleans-bred wunderkind MC Pell got up late Tuesday night (or early Wednesday morning) to share “Got It Like That,” a thoughtful and heavy new track featuring the talents of G-Eazy. In all actuality, the song is a remix of his 2014 cut “Eleven: 11,” which can be heard on the rapper’s debut LP Floating While Dreaming. The new redux, though, goes harder and faster and meaner and leaner than the original in every way, packing rattling hi-hats and a bassline that’s darker than the things we tell our therapists behind closed doors. Lyrically, Pell opens up about the struggle to keep climbing in the modern rap game and shares a couple of brilliant anecdotes about what it’s like for a 21 year-old MC whose every move makes waves across the blogosphere.

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