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Pell & GLBL WRMNG Collaborative Release “504” Song & Video

Single/Album Art: @artbyquintonhakeem @tylerart on Instagram

(By Jordan Rose for Complex) New Orleans collective GLBL WRMNG has shared the video for “504” featuring Pell, Kr3wcial, and Sleazy EZ, which highlights the bright colors and sounds present across the city, as well as pays tribute to the late producer Niyo Davinci.

As a way to give back to their community, GLBL WRMNG will be giving proceeds from the YouTube stream to Concerned Citizens of St. John Parish, a non-profit organization 30 minutes outside of New Orleans.

When discussing the making of “504,” Pell talked about how dope he thinks the song is because of what it symbolizes and how it was pieced together. “The song was crazy because it’s one of those stories that kept continuing even until up about a week ago,” he recalled. “Initially this song was a beat that Niyo gave to Kr3wcial. Kr3wcial sent it to me for me to write a verse to it along with Sleazy EZ. Time passed and it was revisited by myself when it was considered as a song for the GLBL WRMNG project because of its connection to New Orleans and the unity it signified.”

Pell also announced that the group’s upcoming project, glbl wrmng vol. 1, is set to drop on Feb. 19. Embodying the idea of putting your community first, Pell, along with music professional Nate “Suave” Cameron, fashioned this project by connecting with a number of artists, producers, and songwriters in the NOLA community. The project is an ode to the lush, vibrant, and living sound that New Orleans has to offer.

Watch the new music video for “504” up top, and check out the cover art and tracklist for glbl wrmng vol. 1 below. The collective consists of: Pell, Malik Ninety Five, Raina Menne, Kr3wcial, Neal, Alfred Banks (of SaxKixAve), Nesby Phips, Paasky, James Seville, The Adoni, Jelly, Daylight Rodriguez, Sleazy EZ, Stone Cold Jzzle, LeTrainiump, Dominic Scott, Lil Iceberg, and Kenneth Brother. Read the full story here.

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