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Twitter Reacts to Curren$y’s Commentary on Viral Challenge Videos

Source: @spitta_andretti on Instagram

(By Lance Strong for HipHopWired)

Curren$y might be best known as one of the most prolific rappers of his era with literally dozens of releases over the course of his still-ongoing career. Taking to Twitter, Spitta has sparked the rage of the Internets by commenting on the recent social media challenges, although it could be assumed the New Orleans rapper was just having a bit of a joke.

As the #BussItChallenge and #SilhouetteChallenge continue to do big numbers on Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram, most observers are enjoying the moments for what they are, which simply is a display of beauty, confidence, and light fun.

For Spitta, he decided to jump headfirst into the pool of the discussion Thursday morning (Jan. 28) with a simple utterance that has sparked a debate on Twitter like none other.

“Straight up….. she doin them challenges she’s not really that into you or whatever your trying to build with her bro…. just nurture the freedom and let her lace the streets up. Haha oh and tag us in her vids if they r super hot,” Spitta tweeted.

He added, “How y’all mad cuz I told n*ggaz to nurture yalls freedom? …. go and bussit in a silhouette then dump a bucket of ice water on u and make a mop stand up in the middle of the living room floor.”

Curren$y circled back to clarify that he was actually speaking out loud about himself and his own needs, something that seemed a bit apparent by the tongue in cheek way he worded it, nor did it appear he was attacking women explicitly. However, that doesn’t mean that his words didn’t have that negative effect.

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